White Widow

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The first thing that stands out about Original White Widow buds is its prolific resin content.

Thanks to its 20% THC, the effects are uplifting, mind-clearing with an exciting buzz

A flavour that can be described as musky, spicy, earthy and sweet

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Bud description

The prolific resin content of Original Auto White Widows’ buds is the first thing that stands out. From top to bottom, trichomes cover the plant, which has a dark green colour with maroon brown pistils. The buds are light in weight but huge in size, indicating that this strain’s blooms go a long way.

Smoke report

The effects are uplifting, clear-headed, and exhilarating, thanks to her 20% THC content. She will wake up the mind and activate all of the body’s processes, making her ideal for staying organized and active, staying sharp and aware, and completing a to-do list. Her high isn’t too racy, and it gradually transforms into a soothing condition as you smoke more.


Musky, spicy, earthy, and sweet are some of the flavors that can be characterized. When you smoke it, you’ll get a robust flavor of savory spices and dried fruits with earthy undertones. A distinct flavor that the older generation will appreciate.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 1 × 2 cm

112 grams, 224 grams, 28 grams, 56 grams

19 reviews for White Widow

  1. Daniel56

    Great sativa foe the price. Burns well. Gets you high but also super productive and social.

  2. Blossom

    It lives up to its name.

  3. Rogers


  4. Oliver

    Very good quality, pleasant to smoke

  5. Simonds

    This was a 10 pack (28 grams) Very good taste and ideal for sleep disorders

  6. Stanley

    Excellent I would even say a nugget.

  7. Houle

    Just exceptional! I reproach the flowers for often not having much of the taste of the weed that I loved so much, with this one I was served!

  8. Phoebe

    Good heads, relaxing effect, good smell when opening the bag

  9. Fitzgerald

    What a taste!!! Excellent

  10. Estelle

    For me it’s the one that appeals to me the most in terms of taste, it has high concentrations of thc. The feeling is great!

  11. Tabitha

  12. Soto

    Very good quality

  13. Edgar

    Superbe !!!!

  14. Row

    Excellent product.

  15. Imogen

    Excellent product. Very superior to what I was used to in competing shops in my area.

  16. Gross

    Very good product

  17. Kit K.

    Great taste when smoking, perfect for relaxing in the evening! Thanks for the (big) gift 🙂

  18. Kelley

    Very pleasant

  19. Avery

    Very good quality and quantity

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